40% Of Europe’s Mario Strikers Switch Sales Come From Just One Country

Mon Dieu!

Ah, the beautiful game. It’s the world’s most popular sport, so news that Mario Strikers: Battle League has already overtaken lifetime sales of Mario Golf: Super Rush in Europe less than a month after release may not come as a massive surprise, even if Super Rush has been out for over a year. We’re big golf fans here at Nintendo Life — any excuse to wear loud trousers — but of course a football game is going to do better! Being based in the UK, we’re legally required to love football more than any other country. Except that’s not true, if physical European sales of Mario’s latest kickaround are anything to go by.

According to GSD (Games Sales Data) physical sales figures from GameIndustry.Biz’s June report, it’s not the UK but France who has demonstrated the lion’s share of the soccer love on the European continent — at least where Mario is concerned — with 40% of all physical copies sold so far going into the hands of French football (and Switch) fans.

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