A night at Tokyo Indies

As the so-called ‘otaku capital’ of Japan, Akihabara in Tokyo has somewhat lost some of the allure it once commanded. Areas like Ikebukuro and Nakano Broadway have risen in its place, although that’s not to say the area has entirely lost the shine it once held as a nerd and tinkerer’s paradise. Wandering through the backstreets of the electric town and finding the nestled communities suggests the tourist trap’s roots remain alive and kicking.

Take MOGRA, long known both inside and outside of Japan as a geeky music club in the heart of Akiba, with cheap drinks and anime and video game music blasting through its compact underground space.

The space stands strong, just as it has since 2009, an unassuming door off the main street that hides its neon-lit EDM-boosted anime-inspired interior from all but those in the know. Once a month, this underground club lifts up its lights and serves as the home of Tokyo Indies, a space for indie developers living in the city to meet, share and discuss their development projects with their peers.

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