AAA Clock Is Why We Don’t Deserve Nice Things On Switch

It’s all that Calculator’s fault.

You remember Calculator, right? The Switch eShop app that is just a calculator and costs actual money, and it became a ‘thing’ that spawned a thousand witty takes and parody reviews? Yes, you remember, and thanks to all that attention we now have a sub-genre of silly applications trying to get sales through the power of memes. The latest to join in is AAA Clock, which does – to give it a sliver of credit – include an actual game.

As you can see in the trailer it is literally a clock, though it does have a basic game that you can access if the excitement of telling the time isn’t quite enough. This time it’s cluttering up the eShop, dropping AAA Clock this week on 8th October with an initial price of $1.99USD / €1,99, before being brazen enough to put the price up to $9.99USD / €9,99.

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