Anniversary: Goodness Me, Is The GameCube Really 20 Years Old?

Time is the enemy.

You know how it is. One minute you’re a youthful, exuberant 20-something, looking forward to being unleashed into the world and making your way; forging new relationships, getting a job, perhaps renting your first home. Your whole life is ahead of you! Then – BOOM – you’re suddenly past 40, the last two decades have been a blur and to make matters worse, some crazy person on the internet tells you that the Nintendo GameCube is 20 years old.

That can’t be right; we still vividly recall reading about the box-like console in magazines and getting unreasonably excited before pre-ordering that gorgeous box of gaming goodness only a few years back! Rogue Leader. Luigi’s Mansion. Zelda: Wind Waker! All of those games feel so new, so recent; and now you’re telling me this thing is a whole two decades old? That it’s old enough to drink, smoke, get married and join the armed forces (in some countries, at least)?

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