Anti-Grav Racing Game Redout 2 Brings Arcade Racing To Switch Soon

Now that’s podracing.

If Mario Kart 8 and F-Zero had a baby, it might look like Redout 2, an anti-gravity, neon dystopian racing game that’s finally coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Redout 2 is already out on PC and all the various Xboxes and PlayStations, and includes a single-player career mode and competitive multiplayer, with up to 12 people to race against across 36 tracks. You can customise your own hovership with 12 chassis choices, flaps, wings, spoilers, rocket engines, and more, and then do a classy car photoshoot with the game’s Photo Mode. There’s also a bangin’ soundtrack that features electronic artists from Zardonic and Dance with the Dead to the legendary composer Giorgio Moroder.

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