Bayonetta 3 Has A “Naive Angel Mode” For People Who Don’t Want To See Bums

Somebody finally thought of the children.

Do you like Bayonetta 3, but feel vaguely embarrassed by all the gratuitous nudity? Or maybe you’re just trying to play with your parents/partner in the room, and you don’t want to keep having to explain that Bayo’s outfit is made of her own hair which is also magic so actually she needs to have her bum out sometimes?

Either way, PlatinumGames has got your back, friend. With Bayo 3, the kind studio has added a new “Naive Angel Mode”, which can be toggled on to give characters a little more modesty. Side-boob will be minimised, legs will be clothed, and Bayonetta’s ample assets will be censored at last.

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