Blasphemous ‘Final Chapter’ Arrives Soon As Free DLC, Sequel Confirmed For 2023

Get ready for ‘Wounds of Eventide’… no, not that Eventide.

Blasphemous is, in this scribe’s humble opinion, a standout Metroidvania / Souls-like / insert-iffy-comparison-here game on Switch. It’s moody, at times overbearing and excessively gory, and certainly rather immersive. It’s had some meaty free updates and content additions since its launch two years ago, and now we know there’s one more to come.

During the Awesome Indies Show from Gamescom it was revealed that the ‘final chapter’ for the game arrives as a free update on 9th December – it’s titled ‘Wounds of Eventide’ and it had a rather enjoyable introductory animation (above).

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