‘Blast Brigade’ Brings ’80s Action Flick-Inspired Metroidvania Exploration To Switch


Metroidvania’s are a dime a dozen these days, with so many trying to take a stab at what Metroid Dread, Castlevania, and Hollow Knight do so well – search exploration. But with a little bit of action too. Or a lot, in the case of Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread.

Developer Allods Team pokes fun at the genre in their cheeky little launch trailer, while also highlighting what makes its Metroidvania unique. Inspired by ’80s action flicks, run and gun your way through a secret island base and arm yourself with more guns and gadgets in order to save the world. There are four playable characters, each with their own unique methods of traversal, and you can swap between them on the fly!

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