Check Out These Sublime Soundtrack Samples From Octopath Traveler II

42 song previews are available.

Can you believe we’re only just over a month away from Octopath Traveler II‘s release? Well, ahead of the game’s launch on 24th February, Square Enix has shared some previews of the game’s soundtrack over on its Japanese site (via NoisyPixel). And my goodness, if there’s one thing we can be sure of, the music sounds like it will be special.

Was there any doubt, with Octopath Traveler composer Yasunori Nishiki returning to the help? Of course not. And from every single trailer we’ve had so far, the music has sounded magnificent. But Square Enix wants to hammer that home and has shared 42 samples (!!!) of the upcoming soundtrack. That’s the first two discs of this behemoth six-disc OST.

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