Clockwork Revolution Is A Time-Bending Steampunk RPG From The Makers Of Wasteland

Clockwork Revolution made its debut at today’s Xbox Games Showcase via a trailer that set the stage for its steampunk-flavored RPG action.

The first-person adventure puts you in control of a woman hailing from the steam-powered Victorian-era city of Avalon who discovers a time machine, along with the revelation that the city – and its brutal oppression of the lower class – is the result of intricate time manipulation by the villainous Lady Ironwood. To set things right, you’ll travel back to key moments in the past where your actions have a butterfly effect on the Avalon’s future. Hopping between the past and an ever-changing present shows off the game’s complex choice-driven storytelling and reactive role-playing, as you’ll meet various versions of characters depending on how you tinker with time. 

The game is described as featuring a “deep, narrative-driven world” while the action unfolds in the form of first-person gunplay using steam-powered firearms as well as time-bending technology, such as reversing the time-flow of objects. 

Clockwork Revolution is being developed by inXile Entertainment, makers of the Wasteland and A Bard’s Tale series, and is coming “in due time” to Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will launch on Game Pass.