Dead Space is No.1, but launch sales lower than The Callisto Protocol | UK Boxed Charts

It was a busy week for game releases last week, with Dead Space, Forspoken, Goldeneye and Hi-Fi Rush all available.

Hi-Fi Rush was digital-only and available via Game Pass, while Goldeneye was (primarily) limited to subscription services. As a result, these physical retail charts can only tell us so much (digital data comes later in the week, and doesn’t include subscription).

EA’s Dead Space remake was easily the best-selling game. However, it sold less than half of what The Callisto Protocol managed in its first week back in December (The Callisto Protocol is a very similar game made by some of the original developers of Dead Space). A few key differences is The Callisto Protocol had a lower price point than Dead Space (average selling price of £47 vs £63), and was released during the Christmas window when physical games tend to perform better (due to them being bought as Christmas presents). It was also available on more platforms, as The Callisto Protocol received a PS4 and Xbox One version.

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