Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age Is A Hand-Drawn 2v2 Fighter Offering “A Fresh Take” On The Genre

Bring on the tag team.

Modus Games took to the PC Gaming Show to reveal Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age, an all-new tag-team fighting game that will be making its way to Switch.

This is a genre that increases in size by the day, but Modus (also on development duties here via the in-house Modus Studios) is attempting to stand out from the combat crowd by focussing on 2v2 battles and introducing a three-lane system to lend the fights an extra strategic edge. Instead of taking place on a single line of action, the three-lane division will have you moving up and down the depth of the arena to either gain an advantage over an enemy who is preoccupied with your partner or get some space to breathe.

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