Exclusive: Polymega’s Next Module Brings Nintendo 64 Support

Along with the ‘RC05 Ultra Retro Controller’ from Retro-Bit.

Playmaji’s modular retro-gaming platform Polymega will be getting N64 support, we can exclusively reveal.

The all-in-one console – which has finally found its way into the hands of customers this year after a prolonged delay – will be getting a new EM05 ‘Ultra’ module soon, complete with a controller designed by Retro-Bit, based on its popular Tribute64 pad. In case you weren’t aware, Polymega already supports original NES, SNES, Mega Drive / Genesis and TG-16 / PC-Engine games via its optional ‘Element Modules’, and the base unit itself can play CD games for the Mega CD, Saturn, PlayStation, TG-16 / PC-Engine CD and Neo Geo CD.

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