Fashion Police Squad Stitches Fabulous February Release Date On Switch

Work it!

A first-person shooter where instead of killing your enemies you are giving them a stylish makeover is a brilliant idea on its own, but when you throw in the ability to swing around your environment — à la Spider-Man — from a designer belt, this becomes a concept like no other. Developed by the small team at Mopeful Games, Fashion Police Squad is bringing all of this to the Switch when it sashays its way onto the console on 2nd February.

This is a game that will see you take to the streets of Trendopolis and set out on a mission to solve the city’s fashion crimes. There’s excessively baggy trousers, poorly-fitting suits, vests and jeans — welcome to the early 2000s folks! Fashion Police Squad (or ‘FPS’, see what they did there?) is a non-violent take on the first-person shooter, because what if all that bad guys really needed was a new wardrobe?

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