Feature: 19 Things That Were Added In Stardew Valley Updates (That You Might Not Have Noticed)

And it’s all free!

One of the most remarkable things about Stardew Valley is how different it is now to when it first came out, and that’s down to developer ConcernedApe continuing to add features and content in free updates. We’re currently up to 1.5, which added a whole new area and several new characters amongst a ton of other new stuff, but for folks that haven’t played in a while, it can be a bit overwhelming.

We’ve put together 19 of the coolest features that ConcernedApe added to the game post-launch that you may not have noticed — things that perhaps went under the radar, drowned out by all the bigger stuff, or things you haven’t experienced since putting down the game a while ago. Maybe this will get you back into the game!

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