Feature: ‘Bossa De Hyrule’ Reimagines Zelda Music With Laidback Brazilian Beats

Dungeon bossa.

Just prior to Nintendo Life VGM Fest kicking off in mid-August, we were contacted by Steven Morris — a musician and prolific producer of VGM covers — about a recent project he had undertaken to fuse music from the Legend of Zelda series with the relaxing tones and chilled beats of bossa nova. The result is Bossa de Hyrule, a five-track mini album and rather that takes you one a very pleasant journey across the series from A Link to the Past up to Twilight Princess.

We’ve been listening to it for a while, and we recently caught up with Steven via email to find out more about the project, the instruments he used to create these rich sounds, and how he chose the five tracks on the album from all the glorious possibilities…

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