Feature: Mario + Rabbids Producer Talks Free Movement And Fusing Lumas, Rabbids, And Composers

“It was a kid’s dream to do that”.

As revealed in Nintendo’s June 2022 Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is launching on Switch on 20th October. This afternoon, Ubisoft’s dedicated showcase, a separate 15-minute stream from Nintendo’s Direct Mini, has revealed various elements of the upcoming game, including new gameplay details (no grids!), characters (Bowser, Rabbit Rosalina, and the ever-mysterious green and purple Rabbid, Edge), and more information on the evil force trying to absorb the galaxy’s energy, including that of the titular Sparks.

Watch: Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Showcase – Live!

Tough as it might be to believe, it’s been nearly five years since Ubisoft and Nintendo released a crossover that seemed unlikely and — dare we say it — unnatural at the time. Multiverse crossovers are ten-a-penny these days, but rumours that Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom crew would be collaborating with Ubisoft’s love-’em-or-hate-’em Rabbids (anarchic bunnies which spawned from the Rayman series into a pre-Minions world) seemed crazy enough, but coming together in an XCOM-style turn-based strategy game that outfitted the cast with blasters? Surely not.

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