Feature: Resident Evil Netflix Review: Wesker Steals A Show That Lacks Bite

Out of ammo.

The live-action adaptations of the Resident Evil franchise have had a real rough time of it, huh? Paul W.S. Anderson’s six-movie take on the series — while commercially successful — was widely slated by fans of the games and critics alike for diverting too far away from the tone and scope of Capcom’s source (plus, some of them were just straight up bad), and the 2021 reboot, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, didn’t fare much better. Despite being significantly more faithful to the games, Johannes Roberts’ movie was criticised for its writing and attempts to cram as much fan-service into one movie as possible.

When Netflix announced its own take on Resident Evil via an eight-episode series, fans were understandably sceptical that the streaming juggernaut could pull off what Anderson and Roberts failed to do. Not only that, but initial details on the series set off alarm bells immediately: a series focusing on the daughters of Albert Wesker? What? It didn’t sound promising, particularly when show-runners would later promise that the series would tie in with the game series’ canon.

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