Feature: The Many Faces Of Donkey Kong, Nintendo’s 40-Year-Old Gorilla

Four decades of DK.

Nintendo’s monkey of manifold mantles – one Donkey Kong, Esq. – recently turned 40. Forty years young and still so vital, but it could be reasonably argued that the ol’ Kongmeister has been undergoing a bit of an identity crisis for most of his lifespan. The man-ape has turned from heel to face to heel more times than The Big Show (one for you wrestling fans, there).

Naturally, accompanying these changes of mood there’s a surplus of interesting, diverse gameplay styles that our banana-loving pal is forced to carry on his shoulders like a sort of hairy Atlas. So what better way to mark the month of his esteemed birth than by taking a look at the different flavours of DK and seeing if we can find any sort of through-line to tie a neat bow around the whole experience?

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