Fight Your Exes In Thirsty Suitors, Punch-Kicking Its Way To Nintendo Switch

Scott Pilgrim meets Jet Set Radio.

We’ve been watching with envy as Falcon Age studio Outerloop’s vibrant South-Asian narrative game, Thirsty Suitors, has been showing off its gorgeously goofy ex-fighting action RPG through their publisher, Annapurna. We assumed we weren’t going to see it on Switch — but how wrong we were, as today’s Annapurna showcase confirmed that the game would be coming to Switch alongside other platforms.

Thirsty Suitors is a game that tells a story of South Asian culture, from its choice of colours to its cooking minigame, with over-protective parents, a skateboarding mechanic, and a combat system that’s built around flirting and insults. Protagonist Jala returns home to her family after a few years to discover that her exes all want to fight and/or kiss her.

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