Four ways to build better indie marketing campaigns

Getting your game noticed isn’t easy, and it’s particularly tough for indie game developers right now. Players’ gaming backlogs are bigger than ever, and with an abundance of AAA games constantly entering the market – not to mention over 75,000 listed titles on the Steam marketplace – it’s no wonder we’re all being more selective with what we play.

Of course, there’s been a concerted effort by the industry to give indie games their time in the spotlight, and it’s great to see major publishers such as PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox hosting their own indie showcases throughout the year.

But even then, indie games have a much harder time cutting through the noise. There are a few reasons for this, from AAA marketing budgets often dwarfing the size of indie marketing budgets, to publications prioritising coverage of bigger titles due to audience demand and the SEO benefits of covering bigger franchises.

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