Get Foxy In Turn-Based Diablo-Like ‘Of Blades & Tails’ Coming To Switch 2023

But just what does the fox say?

Disney’s Robin Hood was never given an official tie-in video game, but if it ever did, then we would hope that it would look a little something like Of Blades & Tails, an action-oriented turn-based RPG which will be coming to Switch next year.

The top-down pixelated RPG market is a tough industry for games to stand out in, but in how many other RPGs do you get to play as a fox with a sword? You will play as Reik, a well-respected member of the fox tribe who journeys across a fantastical land inhabited by a host of different animals. Expect hack-and-slash combat in a turn-based format as you either follow the main story or search for treasures in dungeons.

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