Ghostrunner DLC ‘Project_Hel’ Slashes Onto Switch Today

Blade Runner 2022.

Cyberpunk parkour game Ghostrunner‘s long-awaited DLC Project_Hel launches on Switch today! While PC and console owners have been able to dive into this new content since the beginning of March, we’ve had to be just a little bit more patient to see what Project_Hel has in store for us.

This DLC is a prequel to the base game and focuses on Hel, a combat android who is fuelled by her hatred of her creator. She is supposed to be on a mission to stop a rebellion at the base of the city. She is not built the same way as other Ghostrunners, which makes her unstable and impulsive, but she tries to stay on mission while looking for loopholes and a way to kill her creator.

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