Greek Mythology-Inspired Vertical Shooter ‘Phelios’ Is This Week’s Arcade Archives Game

By the beard of Zeus!

Greek mythology might not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of a vertical-scrolling shooter, but that didn’t stop Namco from releasing Phelios in 1988, and it hasn’t stopped Hamster from adding said title to its arcade collection this week (from 2nd February).

There’s probably many out there who haven’t stumbled across Phelios before (it spent a fair amount of time as a Japanese exclusive), so we’ll give you the rundown. In this vertically-scrolling shooter, you play as Apollo (god of, like, everything), riding on his Pegasus to rescue the goddess Artemis. As the genre suggests, nay requires, there are a whole bunch of mythological beasties for you to take out along the way and a boss battle caping-off each level.

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