Guide: Best James Bond Games On Nintendo Systems

Nobody does it better.

With long-running rumours of a GoldenEye 007 re-release coming soon (pah, ‘soon’ my Aston!), we’ve once again been thinking about Rare’s seminal N64 shooter. Mention ‘James Bond’ and ‘games’ in the same sentence and gamers of a certain age will get a faraway look in their (golden)eye as they recall crawling through vents into the gents in Facility or taking out security cameras with a PP7 in the Severnaya Bunker. Good times.

However, games that carry the name of the world’s least secret agent have been many and varied, with winners like Everything or Nothing, the underrated World is Not Enough, and a bunch more appearing on Nintendo consoles. 007 might have been quiet for a while — since 2012’s 007 Legends, in fact — but we count 20 James Bond games released for Nintendo platforms over the years.

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