Guide: Chill Music From Video Games – Relaxing Playlist

Chill the beans right down with these tranquil tunes.

Throughout Nintendo Life VGM Fest — our season of music-focused features, interviews and other audio-based bits — we’ll be bringing you some of the Nintendo Life team’s personal playlist picks of the best music in all of video-gamedom. Our collective gaming experience spans many decades’ worth of incredible audio, from the nostalgic ‘blips’ and ‘beeps’ of the arcade era (for some of us, at least) up to the full orchestral majesty of today’s triple-As, and all the glorious variations in between.

Below you’ll find a handful of our top gaming tunes for unwinding at the end (or indeed the start or the middle) of the day. The only self-imposed rule we had when selecting these tracks for our relaxing VGM playlist was they must have featured in a game on a Nintendo platform. Simple!

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