Guide: The Ten Best Wholesome Games On Switch

Prepare to have your fuzzies warmed.

What exactly makes a game wholesome? Is it the player’s state of mind while playing? Is it an adherence to specific aesthetics or messages? Is it the inclusion of birds? Well, you might be forgiven for thinking it’s the last one, because at least half of the games on this list are about birds specifically, but the idea of a “wholesome” game is a bit more nebulous than that.

It’s more of a feeling, really: a game that you can relax to, that can be challenging but never punishing, with elements of friendship, community, and kindness. But not always — some “wholesome” games (like a certain game about a bad goose) are more about letting the player go a little bit wild, but always in a way that’s gentler and less severe than chopping people’s heads off in a Dark Souls or a Witcher game.

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