Hands On: Afterimage Is The Most Beautiful-Looking Metroidvania We’ve Ever Played


We know there are a lot of Metroidvanias out there. But after spending about three hours with Afterimage, we’re pretty confident in saying that this is one of the prettiest we’ve ever played. Even before we got our hands on the game, Afterimage stood out to us with its stunning hand-drawn visuals. Even next to the likes of Hollow Knight, Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus, Islets, and Indivisible, it’s a real feast for the eyes with its beautiful locations, gorgeous character art, and soft colours. Seeing it in motion only made us fall in love with the visuals even more.

As part of Modus Games’ spring showcase, we were given the opportunity to check out a PC demo of this Metroidvania from developer Aurogon Shanghai. Afterimage smashed through its Kickstarter goal last April, and it’s coming to Switch (plus Steam and other consoles) on 25th April 2023.

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