Hands On: Anbernic RG353P – Shamelessly Inspired By Nintendo

“Try not to make it obvious”.

Nintendo’s influence on the world of gaming surely needs little explanation; while the Japanese company didn’t ‘invent’ video games, it has done more than most to establish many of the ground rules for the medium. It’s little wonder, then, that so many companies look to Nintendo when it comes to creating their own gaming endeavours, and nowhere is that more true than in the realm of Chinese-made emulation devices.

We’ve already seen the likes of 8BitDo ‘adapt’ the iconic NES and SNES controllers for their range of Bluetooth controllers, and the PocketGo S30 (which was co-designed by a member of 8BitDo) is essentially a SNES pad with a screen and emulation powers. Now, Anbernic – arguably one of the leading forces in this field – is back with another retro-focused portable, and it basically looks like a beef-up version of the PocketGo S30. Say hello to the RG353P.

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