Hands On: Nintendo Switch Sports Has Great Highs, But Disappointing Lows


Many of you will have already had a go at Nintendo Switch Sports through the recent online play test, but last week we were invited by Nintendo to experience the full fat version of the game without even having to be online. It’s been over 15 years since we first woke up with the dreaded Wii elbow after Wii Sports‘ enthusiastic reception, so we were eager to see how this new Switch entry in the series changes things up from the Wii U version, Wii Sports Club. Does it knock itself out of the park, or is it a bit deflated?

Let’s do things in the order we did them, starting with Volleyball, which frankly can get in the bin. The premise is unsurprisingly the same as volleyball in real life, but the execution is really boiled down and simplistic. You swing up with the Joy-Con to bump and jump, raise it above your head to block and set, swing down to spike, and that’s it.

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