Hands On: Oxenfree II Is Shaping Up To Be A Huge Improvement On The Original

If the first 30 minutes are anything to go by.

After spending half an hour with Oxenfree II: Lost Signals at Summer Game Fest, there’s an immediate sense that the sequel is shaping up to be a much bigger, bolder, and indeed stranger experience than its predecessor.

As it probably should be. In speaking with developer Night School’s founder and director, Sean Krankel, he confirmed that while the original Oxenfree was completed in 16 months, the sequel has taken the studio a full three years to craft. You can definitely see the fruits of the studio’s labour, too, with this entry so far proving to be a much more accomplished piece of work in every facet: character models are much more detailed with enhanced animation; environments are brought to life with beautiful colour and lighting; the gameplay feels much smoother and more fluid than before.

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