Hands On: Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Feels Like A Perfectly Tuned Final Fantasy Celebration

Encore! ENCORE!

The curtains are open and the stage is set. Theatrhythm Final Bar Line marks the return of the Final Fantasy rhythm series to Nintendo consoles after a 10-year break. We’ve had a chance to go hands-on with an upcoming demo for the game, which will be available on 1st February, and if the early goings-on is anything to go on, then this sequel is shaping up to be as much of a delight as the 3DS entries.

In the demo, we were able to try out two modes — Series Quests, which is open from the start, and Music Stages, which you unlock after beating your first song in Series Quests. Music Stages is pretty much the exact same as it was in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call: once you’ve unlocked the song, you can play it anytime you want on any difficulty you want. The demo allows you to unlock 30 songs, 30 characters, and level up your collection of cute characters to level 30 — and you can carry over your progress to the full game.

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