Is Dave The Diver An Indie Game? The Game Awards’ Host Weighs In

“Independent can mean different things to different people”.

Earlier this month, we got our first look at the nominees for The Game Awards 2023. While we were pleased to see Nintendo getting some much-deserved love (including two titles in the GOTY category), much of the conversation online in the ensuing days has been around the Best Indie Game category and, specifically, Dave The Diver‘s inclusion in it.

Despite the game’s lo-fi aesthetic and mechanics, the title was actually developed by MintRocket — a subsidiary of the billion-dollar South Korean publisher Nexon. If games like this are now deemed ‘indie’ then where do we draw the line? This is the precise question that Mr TGA himself, Geoff Keighley, attempted to tackle in a recent Twitch Q&A and his answer was… expectedly balanced.

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