Lancelot, First Knight of the Round Table, Rides Alongside the Legendary Mizkif in a New Smite Update

Gods and Knights battle… Streamers? Lancelot and Mizkif clash in Smite’s Round Table Update featuring Lancelot, The First Knight of the Round Table, and new playable skin: Mizkif Thanatos!

You’ve almost certainly heard of the legendary Lancelot, the finest knight of the Round Table, the greatest jouster to ever live. But you may not know of his darker side — an undercurrent of savagery and the bloodlust of a berserker.

Lancelot’s playstyle revolves around his jousting ability, perfect for the role of an Assassin. He has two modes, mounted, and unmounted, toggled by summoning his trusted steed. Lancelot’s abilities change drastically when he mounts up, and his speed increases — ideal for chasing down fleeing enemies. While on foot, Lancelot proves his prowess in combat with his lance and shield. His ultimate, The Grand Joust, creates a Jousting List, the perfect setting for Lancelot’s glorious victory.

Mizkif is now playable in Smite! The all-new Mizkif Thanatos skin soars into battle alongside the Egg Head Ward and Mizkif Announcer pack in the Mizkif bundle. But wait, there’s more! The One True King Games Expo revealed exciting Smite announcements and kicked off the OTK Smite Invitational Tournament. This absolutely massive content creator tournament gives you the chance to get loads of free content in-game; just by watching Mizkif and the streamers playing in the tournament! 

Finally, we collaborated with Nightmode, a DMCA-Free EDM label created by streamer Jericho. This collab will include an Athena skin for One True God, Canadian electronic producer and vocalist, available during the mid-patch! The TMNT, Slipknot, and Heavenly Light events will also continue, including the TMNT Slash Kuzenbo skin being added to the Cowabunga Chest!

Keep an eye on the store for the Code Slasher King Arthur bundle, and join us for Smite Night every Saturday!


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