Like Banjo-Kazooie? ‘There’s A Chance You’ll Like Heart Chain Kitty’, Says Dev

“A big 3D platform adventure with a few twists”.

Next month, “surreal, dreamy” platformer Heart Chain Kitty is making an appearance on Switch. According to the developer, if you happen to be a fan of games like Banjo-Kazooie or Super Mario Sunshine, you might find something to like here, too.

The game’s launching on Switch on 20th August and features a cat protagonist – which, let’s face it, already makes it worth a look. The kitty, called, erm, Kittey, is heading out on a journey to find his parents who’ve become lost in a dream; of course, a dream world isn’t the same as our reality, so expect all sorts of surreal and msyerious locations and levels to explore.

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