Listen To Live A Live’s Over-The-Top Song Performed By Dragon Ball Z Singer

Plus an interview with the producer.

The original Live A Live is full of iconic music, and as the first project that Yoko Shimomura worked on after joining Square Enix, the soundtrack has cemented itself in video game history. That means the remake has some big shoes to fill, but from the trailers, it sounds like the music is going to be a dream.

To hype us up even more for the upcoming Live A Live remake’s music, producer (and director of the original) Takashi Tokita sat down with singer Hironobu Kageyama — who’s known for singing the openings to several shows such as Dragon Ball Z and various Sentai shows — to talk about one particularly iconic song, Go! Go! Buriki King!!, now called ‘Go! Go! Steel Titan!’ Check out the original Super Famicom version over on YouTube right here.

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