Matters Of Import: Fuuraiki 4 Is The Perfect Holiday For People Who Can’t Go On Holiday

A write good ride.

Fuuraiki 4 is a recently released “travel adventure” for the Switch (and PlayStation 4), and the latest entry in a series that debuted on the original PlayStation all the way back to 2001. The game casts you in the role of a writer travelling around the Gifu region of Japan during the summer, aiming to outperform your peers in a month-long competition with the quality of your articles and the stunning photos you take to accompany them. And so you hit the road and go… pretty much wherever the heck you like, whenever you feel like it.

You travel everywhere on the back of your trusty Yamaha MT-10 SP motorbike (the game officially collaborates with the bike company as well as helmet manufacturer Arai), and your rides are presented as a linked series of short panoramic video clips of real stretches of road that you can freely look around as you go. While riding along, road signs — the game’s only use of English text — or several thumbnail images will occasionally pop up, allowing you to choose where to head next. It’s also possible to mark a desired destination on the map and have the correct route automatically selected for you on your journey (this still gives you the option to steer away at any time) or forgo these sections entirely and instantly appear at any location of your choosing.

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