Memory Pak: Becoming The Very Best In Black & White 2’s Pokémon World Tournament

Like no one ever was…

Walking out into the arena of Pokémon Black & White 2’s Pokémon World Tournament (PWT) for the first time, I had chills. The lights were dimmed, the crowd was watching, and the commentary was introducing me – my character – as if I were some sort of celebrity. Well, sure, I’d saved Unova and become the Champion of the region. But here, right now, I was facing the best of the best. I couldn’t fall flat on my face here.

My character stepped onto the stage. I took one deep breath and my opponent, Cheren, the first Gym Leader, looked me dead in the eye. This was only the first fight, but I had to win. I had to become the very best. Because what lay in waiting after beating all of Unova’s Gym Leaders again was the chance for ultimate personal glory.

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