Mini Review: ElecHead – Smart, Surprisingly Deep, And Very Satisfying

Alone in electric dreams.

Isolation is a weird thing; we’re all a little accustomed to it now, but having to figure out things on your own can be pretty daunting. Elechead revels in isolation; it was made by a sole developer, NamaTakahashi (Developer of 2019’s eShop game Battlloon), and during the course of the game all you have is yourself, and your head.

Elechead is a puzzle-platformer in which your character’s head is a source of electricity. The beginning of the game consists of simple platforming challenges revolving around this mechanic. However, very quickly you gain the ability to throw your own head and what was a simple puzzle-platformer becomes one of the most satisfying and surprisingly deep puzzlers in recent years. Even if it doesn’t stick around for long.

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