Mini Review: Fisti-Fluffs – A Cute But Limited Kitty Brawler With Control Issues

A whisker away from competent.

Cats can be devilish creatures. They can be cool as a cucumber one moment, nuzzling their squishy faces into their owners’ neck, before flipping and ripping the furniture apart in a rage that would make even Gordon Ramsay quiver in his boots. Fisti-Fluffs is the latest game to feature the furious felines, focusing on party games that let you unleash your inner rage in a showcase of pure destruction. The problem, however, is it largely fails as a compelling, lasting experience.

In a nutshell, Fisti-Fluffs pits you against up to three human or AI opponents in arena environments based on everyday locations such as Apartment, Backyard, Cat Café, and uhh… Magic Cabin. Okay, so they’re not all based on everyday locations. The combat feels absolutely chaotic, but not necessarily in a good way. You can launch yourself at your enemies with ‘Y’, swiping at them with your claws, or you can wriggle the right analogue stick around to simulate the movement of the cats’ limbs, lashing out at your opponents with reckless abandon.

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