Mini Review: Golf Club: Wasteland – Surprisingly Engaging Post-Apocalyptic Putt Putt

Not a birdie in sight.

If the world were to become a wasteland, chances are your main priorities will be obtaining food, water, shelter, and perhaps an abandoned Game Boy to pass the time (because you know those puppies can last for decades). It’s unlikely that playing golf would be at the top of your bucket list at tat point, so it’s a good thing that Golf Club: Wasteland effectively lets you experience this in the comfort of your own pre-apocalypse home.

Within the world of Golf Club Wasteland, Earth’s richest inhabitants have fled to Mars to start anew. Lone golfer Charley heads back to Earth for one last round of golf, taking place across a wide variety of ‘courses’ featuring abandoned buildings, broken down vehicles, overgrown forests, and other unsafe environments. The game contains a total of 35 levels, all of which has its own set number of strokes required to sink the ball (or ‘par’). This can range from a nice realistic par 3 all the way up to par 20, something you definitely won’t find at your local links.

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