Mini Review: ISLANDERS Console Edition – Serene, Superb, And More ‘Tetris’ Than ‘SimCity’

There can be only one.

What’s the meaning of a game? Is it the essentially human nature of interaction? The intricacies of the universe’s fundamental laws? What does it mean to be human? What is the universe? What’s the meaning of life? These are the questions Islanders Console Edition came to us to answer. Woah.

In Islanders, you build mellow settlements on tranquil islands. You do this by placing serene buildings so that the right kinds of chilled-out things group together. Houses for example, benefit from proximity to things like markets and circuses. Unlike in city sims, you don’t lay infrastructure – no tarmac, no cables or pipes, no zoning – and there is randomness determining which structures are available to place at any time.

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