Mini Review: Rush Rally Origins – An Easygoing, Accessible Rallying Remake

Rushing back to the start.

With each iteration of Rush Rally, the series has assuredly improved with more detailed cars and environments, sharper controls, and an overall cleaner experience. In hindsight, then, the original Rush Rally can seem a tad dated in comparison to later entries, so developer Brownmaster has gone back and effectively remade the original game with Rush Rally Origins. Delivering the improved graphics and audio seen in Rush Rally 3 whilst retaining the same arcade style gameplay of the original, Rush Rally Origins combines the best of both worlds, making this a worthy companion piece to Rush Rally 3.

Rush Rally Origins contains three core modes: Time Trial, Championship, and Race. Time Trial is your standard rally affair, pitting you against the clock as you race solo around various tracks. Championship strings the Time Trial courses together as a larger tournament, and Race sees you compete directly against several AI controlled racers. The variety of tracks on offer is impressive, with races taking place across Finland, Greece, Sweden, United Kingdom, Kenya, and New Zealand. Frustratingly, there doesn’t appear to be an option to pick whichever course you like at the start, so you need to take part in each course in the correct order, unlocking the new ones as you go.

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