Mini Review: Spelunky – An Indie Icon And Roguelite Royalty, Finally On Switch

“I am a man of fortune, and I must seek my fortune.”.

These days, it feels like every other indie game released is some take on the roguelite genre, but it wasn’t always like that. At one point it was even considered a relatively fresh take on game design, and one of the games to blaze the trail in this regard was Spelunky. After receiving an initial release in 2008 on PC, the version we have now on Switch was first seen on Xbox Live Arcade in 2012 and ushered in a whole new era of game design and indie studio success stories in the process. Now, nearly a decade on, is it as good? Yeah, pretty much.

The premise of Spelunky is simple: you’re an adventurer in the Indiana Jones/Rick O’Connell vein who’s exploring an ancient ruin that has a touch of magic about it. This magic seemingly can resurrect your explorer every time he dies to any of the countless traps and creatures awaiting him within, while the layout and structure of the ruins change completely each time he goes back in to delve deeper.

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