Mini Review: Townscaper – A Peaceful, Pretty, City-Building Plaything

If you build it, they will come.

They say only the boring are ever bored. Back in the day you’d have been lucky to have a wooden stick to play with – unless it was sunny, in which case you could have the shadow as well. Kids these days with their mobile phones… where’s the imagination? It’s here! In Townscaper, a game which publisher Raw Fury itself says has “no real gameplay”, and which will give you exactly as much fun as you’re prepared to put in.

On launching Townscaper, you will be greeted with a blank and boundless expanse of water. A list of color swatches hangs at the left of the screen and you have a cursor that moves with the left stick – but you are not prompted to do anything. After an hour or two of our testing, curiosity overcame us and we pressed ‘A’. Well! Now things were getting interesting. With a plop, a small cube appeared in the water. It was a stone construction – a little seaside wall with a railing around the top. It was like something from a storybook and we pictured rosy-cheeked tearaways larking about and having their chips stolen by seagulls.

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