Mini Review: Trigger Witch – Guns And Witchcraft Of A Different Type

Fly me to the moon.

Ever found yourself wishing that games like The Legend of Zelda featured a boatload of badass guns in addition to its staple Master Sword? Well, no, neither have we, if we’re being honest. But there’s clearly a market for such a game, as eastasiasoft’s Trigger Witch proves. Part adventure RPG, part twin-stick shooter, this juxtaposition of genres proves successful, resulting in a likeable and funny experience, but one that falls short of excellent shooting contemporaries like Enter the Gungeon.

You take on the role of Colette, an aspiring witch who must pass the ‘Gauntlet’ – a series of tests that essentially make up the game’s tutorial section – in order to join The Clip, a revered group of gun-wielding witches who protect the realm. Following this, a mysterious Man in Black enters the world via a rift, thus launching Colette on an adventure to save her family and friends. The setup, overall, is intriguing, and the characters are well written for the most part, building up a story that has genuine weight.

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