Monster Hunter Rise To Add Okami-Themed Content In ‘Capcom Collab 2’

A White Wolf? Now that’s a rare sight…

Monster Hunter Rise hasn’t yet had quite the same bombardment of quirky crossover quests and gear as its Nintendo-platform predecessors, but Capcom has nonetheless kept the free updates and additional content flowing. The next free addition is a bit of a beauty, too.

As you can see in the trailer above, an upcoming Event Quest reward will be an “Ammy Costume”, a layered armour set for your Palamute. This is, of course, Sun Goddess Amaterasu from the brilliant Okami, a title Nintendo gamers may know from its Wii and more recently Switch iterations. The hugely stylish adventure RPG is a bit of a favourite here in NL Towers, so combining that with Monster Hunter Rise is rather exciting.

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