More than just ports: VR devs on bringing PSVR 1 titles to PSVR 2

With less than a month until the launch of PlayStation VR2, there’s a nervous anticipation.

Early impressions with the hardware itself have been positive, but it’s hard to shake concerns over the expensive price tag, and the fact that only two titles out of the 37 confirmed for its launch window – Horizon: Call of the Mountain and The Dark Pictures: Switchback – are actually new and exclusive to the platform.

Among the existing ports coming to VR2, some are remasters of games already available on PSVR1, including Song in the Smoke: Rekindled, Moss, Moss: Book II, Pistol Whip, After the Fall, Tetris Effect: Connected, as well as that platform’s original launch title Rez Infinite. Of course, remastering older titles for new hardware is nothing new, but it also feels like a repeat of the first year of PS5 and Xbox Series X|S where the dearth of new exclusive releases meant developers were sprucing up their existing titles to take advantage of new hardware features.

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