Nintendo Outlines Manufacturing And Environmental Policies In CSR Report

Cites efforts to improve production and environmental impacts.

As part of the annual process of approving accounts, electing board member and completing its shareholder AGM, Nintendo has now issued its CSR (corporate social responsibility) report that aims to highlight the company’s policies across a broad range of areas. The basic presentation is here, while this CSR Q & A has further details.

In terms of manufacturing conditions, Nintendo states that it continues to follow RBA standards (responsible business alliance) and communicate requirements to supply chain partners. This’ll relate to working conditions and also procurement of parts – third-parties are required to fill in annual surveys and Nintendo conducts on-site checks (which have been restricted to remote audits recently). This is very much the norm in terms of Nintendo’s approach, as it’s a ‘fabless’ production model, in the sense that Nintendo doesn’t conduct any manufacturing internally.

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