Playing Games Probably Won’t Make You Feel Worse… Or Better, Says New Oxford Uni Study

Good news! Or bad news? News!!

A study performed by professors and researchers at the University of Oxford has found that playing video games is unlikely to affect the well-being of the player, either positively or negatively. This finding comes after China announced a three-hour-per-week limit to online video gaming for its younger citizens out of concern for their health, but also after Animal Crossing: New Horizons made headlines for being the perfect antidote to the fear and anxiety of the pandemic.

The study examined 39,000 gamers aged 18 or over, across seven games: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Eve Online, Apex Legends, Forza Horizon 4, Gran Turismo Sport, and The Crew 2. The researchers also worked with seven “leading video game companies” — Nintendo of America, EA, CCP Games, Microsoft, Sony, Square Enix, and Ubisoft, the developers of the aforementioned games.

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